Sunday, 8 August 2021

Stitching Friends are Friends who Count 2021

Will you guess who my friend is in this summer's blog hop from Jo at Serendipitous Stitching

My stitching friend began her blogging journey as an OU (Open University) student. As life changes so has her blog and since the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in the UK, she now regularly updates us with her cross stitch projects and takes part in many of Jo’s blog hops.

On reading her blog posts I find it difficult to categorise her stitching preferences but I know that she stitches on Aida and has found that she likes a size 28 needle though she is normally a size 26 fan.

She is an active participant in her church and choir, though I think lockdown restrictions mean that congregational singing (to her disappointment) is still banned. It’s not really a substitute but I thought she might like this design of carol singers from lilipopo.

Alternatively, according to her BFF (a clue) she has a thing about frogs and toads. I hope that is in a good way as I would choose this cross stitch pattern for her as a fun, quick stitch. This design can be found at Daily Cross Stitch.

In case you haven't already guessed it, my stitching friend is Roni from Life Outside the Washing Basket who regularly blogs about her BFF SAL with A Patchwork of Crafts.

Saturday, 7 August 2021

Smalls SAL - JULY 2021

This month I'm showing both my June and July small stitching as I forgot to link up last month!

This SAL is hosted by Mary and all those participating for the July check in can be found on her blog here.

My 12 Days of Christmas SAL at Needlecraft Haven continues to be the focus of my small stitching. 

Sixth and Seventh Days
The Twelve Days of Christmas - Jardin Privé
Fabric: 28ct Zweigart Vintage Country Mocha linen
Threads: Suggested DMC threads for red version

Sixth Day
The Twelve Days of Christmas - Plum Street Samplers
Fabric: 32ct Zweigart White linen
Threads: DMC 415, 932, 3750, 3820

Seventh Day
The Twelve Days of Christmas - Plum Street Samplers
Fabric: 32ct Zweigart White linen
Threads: DMC 415, 932, 3750, 3820

Sunday, 30 May 2021

Smalls SAL - May

Mary of Mary's Thread hosts the Smalls SAL on the last Friday of the month. It is an opportunity to share our stitching on small projects during the month.

As in previous months, the 12 days of Christmas continues to be my focus for my monthly small projects.

Fifth Day
The Twelve Days of Christmas - Jardin Privé
Fabric: 28ct Zweigart Vintage Country Mocha linen
Threads: Suggested DMC threads for red version

Fifth Day
The Twelve Days of Christmas - Plum Street Samplers
Fabric: 32ct Zweigart White linen
Threads: DMC 415, 932, 3750, 3820

I also wanted to 'test' an alternative to white fabric for my next Just Nan sampler so I stitched this little design from Follow The Needle on lilac linen. The effect is more delicate that I would like for the main design so it looks like white linen will be used.

Scissor fob rose from Follow the Needle - Just Nan
Fabric: 32ct lilac linen
Threads: Suggested DMC threads

Monday, 3 May 2021

Smalls SAL - April 2021

I'm continuing to feature my 12 days of Christmas stitching in the Smalls SAL. This is hosted by Mary of Mary's Thread. If I complete anything else that meets the criteria during each month that will be a bonus.

First up is Jardin Privé's design. I'm stitching this as one piece and I've started to add the border. Rather late in the day I've realised that I haven't left as large a border space on the left hand side of my fabric as I should have had. The border will fit in but I will only just have enough additional fabric for finishing. 

Fourth Day
The Twelve Days of Christmas - Jardin Privé
Fabric: 28ct Zweigart Vintage Country Mocha linen
Threads: Suggested DMC threads for red version

Here are my four calling birds from Plum Street Samplers.

Fourth Day
The Twelve Days of Christmas - Plum Street Samplers
Fabric: 32ct Zweigart White linen
Threads: DMC 415, 932, 3750, 3820

Saturday, 1 May 2021

Stick 6 in 2021 - Second finish

Oh dear, this design did not want to be stitched! The finished stitched piece was my third attempt. First I didn't like my original choice of fabric. I stitched one flower and the colours didn't look good against a neutral colour. Finally I settled on this pale lilac but it is a 32ct linen, making the design larger than I wanted. So I decided that I would stitch it 1 over 1, but I didn't like how that was turning out. I was using DMC colours and I started to think that I really needed the suggested Gentle Arts and Weeks Dye threads. In the end I had to concede that it had to be stitched over 2 and then the suggested DMC conversion worked. I made one change to the design when I replaced the initial B with a small heart next to the left side of the bowl.

As it is larger than I wanted for a pincushion, this will now be finished as a flat-fold ornament or it will be framed. When our non-essential shops reopen next week, I will explore my options for finishing.

Sewn in Friendship - Heartstring Samplery
Fabric: 32ct Zweigart pale lilac linen
Threads: Suggested DMC conversion with DMC 3012 replaced by DMC 730

Saturday, 17 April 2021

Sampler Saturday

Over the past few weeks I have making progress on my sampler stitching. I'm pleased to say that I have now completed Just Nan's Winter Blues sampler. By keeping to the proposed schedule that Jo of Serendipitous Stitching suggested for the Just Nan Junkies Facebook group I kept on track. My current plan is to complete this as a bell pull.

Winter Blues - Just Nan
Fabric: 28ct Zweigart White Cashel linen
Threads: Suggested DMC and Kreinik threads
Embellishment pack included with chart

I have now started the next sampler for Just Nan Junkies and it is Nan's Garden. I'm behind on the proposed schedule but I will catch up. So far one of the things I like about this design is the picket fence. The brick Florentine stitch works so well here.
Nan' s Garden - Just Nan
Fabric: 28ct Zweigart Platinum Cashel linen
Threads: Suggested DMC threads
Embellishments: To be sourced 

Finally, I have completed three of the seasons on 4 Wishes. There is now only Autumn left. This might take longer to complete as I plan to return to Alpine Seasons Garden before the end of the month. These brighter days have me wanting to take it out. I know it's just a notion I have but I prefer to work on it these days in brighter daylight.
4 Wishes - Just Nan
Fabric: 28ct Zweigart Raw Cashel linen
Threads: Suggested DMC threads
Embellishments: Included with chart

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

My Ten Things for Serendipitous Stitching's Tenth Blogaversary

Jo celebrated her tenth blogaversary last week and she invited those who wished to join her with their list of ten to do so. Here are my replies to her ten questions.

1.    The tenth project you completed

I think this was the tenth project I completed. If not, it was either ninth or eleventh! This was completed around 1997. I bought a trinket bowl so I could add this to the lid. It is still waiting. It was a neat fit and I was reluctant to squeeze it in.

Ice Moth - Just Nan
Fabric: 32ct Rue Green Belfast linen
Threads: Suggested DMC threads
Embellishment pack as provided with chart

2.    The tenth blog post you made

In this blog post I was celebrating that I was now ready to sew together the 463 pieces that I had cut for a single bed quilt. Unfortunately about half ways through this project my sewing machine had to get repaired and I lost my enthusiasm for completing this. Sadly it is still unfinished.

3.    The tenth blog in your blog roll (or your reader or however you follow blogs)

I use Bloglovin to follow blogs and tenth on my list is Elfin Stitches. Elfie mainly stitches Christmas ornaments and I first visited her when following one of Jo's Blog Hops.

4.    A designer you have stitched more than ten designs

I have only two designers for whom I have more than ten of their designs and I have also stitched more than ten of them as well: Just Nan and Little House Needleworks.

5.    A project that took/is taking more than ten years to complete

This is a small tray cloth that I started too long ago to mention.

Small Classic Walnut Tray - Susan L Meier and Rosalyn K Watnemo
Taken from Tray Designs in Hardanger Embroidery
Fabric: Zweigart 25ct Blue Dublin linen
Threads: DMC 3753, #5 775

6.    A design on the theme of "ten"

The closest fit I can get to this is the tenth design in the Little Sheep Virtues from Little House Needleworks which is Kindness.

7.    The tenth colour on your current project.  Do you use this colour a lot?

I have two WIPs at the moment which use more than ten colours. These are Just Nan's 4 Wishes and Nan's Garden. It just so happens that the tenth colour in each is DMC 647. It's not necessarily a colour I would think of using.

8.    Your tenth WIP for WIPocalypse, WIPGO or whatever list you make

I don't make a list that could fit into this quesion.

9.    Your tenth finish this year (or last year if you haven't finished ten so far this year)

My tenth finish this year is Day 2 of Jardin Privé's 12 Days of Christmas

10.    How has your stitching style changed in the last ten years?

Over the past ten years the main change in my stitching style is that I now stitch more small designs. Before that I tended to be a one project at a time person and these tended to be medium to larger sized projects. 

Sunday, 4 April 2021

NH Easter Exchange 2021

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you have a lovely day. The sun is shining with me and it's lovely and warm. Sadly the forecast is for cooler weather as the week progresses.

Though postal services can still be erratic, over at Needlecraft Haven we exchanged Easter cards and some Spring/Easter coloured threads.

I received this cute card and beautiful threads from Gill.

Easter card and threads from Gill
Needlecraft Haven Easter Exchange 2021

I stitched this card for Christine and enclosed three DMC threads which I did not photograph.
Una Piccola Pasqua (part of) - Cuore e Batticuore
Fabric: 32ct Crafty Kitten, Belfast May 2018 Ltd. edition linen
Threads: DMC 433, 744. Au Soie d'Alger Blanc, 2114, 3011, 3023

Friday, 2 April 2021

Easter Treasure Blog Hop

Jo of Serendipitous Stitching is again hosting the Easter Treasure Blog Hop. This is an opportunity for those taking part to display some Spring and/or Easter stitching and a letter of the alphabet which will form part of a mystery phrase. Please visit Jo's blog to see the list of all those who are taking part and visit their blogs to collect your letters to find out what the mystery phrase is.

Here is Plum Street Samplers' Spring Rolls sitting on the fabric that I intend to use on the back of my pillow. I love Paulette Stewart's daschund designs.

Spring Rolls - Plum Street Samplers
Fabric - 36ct Lakeside Linens Vintage Pecan Butter Linen
Threads: Suggested DMC threads
Backing fabric: Emily Bond Wire Haired Dachshund Fabric 

This project will be finished as a pillow. I had planned on completing it for today but I'm on a roll with my spring cleaning and I know if I stop now my spring cleaning mightn't get finished for the weekend. (Housework is not my favourite task, so I can be easily distracted)

My letter for the mystery phrase is S.

Now visit Leonore of Needle, Pen & Sword to see her Easter stitching and to collect the next letter.

Happy Easter

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Smalls SAL - March 2021

Yet again the last Friday of the month has been and gone and here is my stitching for the Smalls SAL hosted by Mary of Mary's Thread (this link opens on the explanation of how the Smalls SAL works).

I only have my 12 days of Christmas smalls to share this month as I'm saving my other 'smalls' for Easter Sunday.

First up is Jardin Privé's 3 French hens. This was a quick stitch. I must start stitching the border for this design rather than leave it until it is the last thing to do.

Third Day
The Twelve Days of Christmas - Jardin Privé
Fabric: 28ct Zweigart Vintage Country Mocha linen
Threads: Suggested DMC threads for red version

On my Plum Street Sampler stitching, I've started to toy with the idea of  stitching a number of gold motifs according to the day, so that the third day would have three, the fourth day would have four and so on. It might mean some adjustments in how I counts things, such as one pair of shoes would count as two gold motifs in nine maids-a-milking. I don't want the gold to dominate in each day. If I decide to go ahead with that idea, I will need to add another gold ornament to the tree below and change the colour of a gold pear on the first day. I shall think some more about this.

Third Day
The Twelve Days of Christmas - Plum Street Samplers
Fabric: 32ct Zweigart White linen
Threads: DMC 415, 932, 3750, 3820

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I had hoped to have all three designs from Pineberry Lane's Shamrocks completed for today but I only got one stitched. Oh well, there is always next year.

Here is my finish of  Erin Go Bragh sitting on the same fabric as I chose for backing this ornament.

Erin Go Bragh - Pineberry Lane
Fabric: 40ct Zweigart Natural linen
Threads: Suggested DMC threads

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Gifted Gorgeousness - March 2021

I just have one item for Gifted Gorgeousness this month. It is this Just Nan Heartfelt design that I finished as a birthday card. All being well, it should arrive with the recipient tomorrow.

(Happy Birthday) Heartfelt Trio - Just Nan
Fabric: 28ct pale blue (not Zweigart) linen
Threads/Embellishments: Suggested DMC threads plus sequins