Friday, 28 February 2014

Just Nan SAL 2014 - February post

In my mind, I'm a quicker stitcher than I actually am in real life. So despite thinking that I would have Just Nan's Patience sampler finished, I have only passed the half way point. I'm more used to stitching on the recommended fabric now but I wouldn't rush to buy it again. I'm very happy with the look of this sampler and wish I could take a photograph that does it full justice. About halfway through Row 6 I lost my rhythm and ended up removing and restitching the same section of the row about 4 times! Thankfully I got it sorted in the end. To see the progress of others in the Just Nan SAL 2014, just click here.

Just Nan 'Patience' as at 28 February 2014

Thursday, 20 February 2014

My next big quilting project

I went into town yesterday and bought material to go with a 2 metre animal motif fabric that I got last year in a remnant sale. I'm looking forward to starting this in my patchwork group. When finished, it will be a quilt for a single bed. It will keep me busy for the next few months.
Single bed quilt material

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Valentine Exchanges

Okay, it is a little late in the day but I still want to share the lovely gifts that I received from two Valentine Exchanges I took part in.
Firstly, I received this lovely gift from Kate - a friendship stocking (Plum Street Samplers), sweets, tea and a small candle.
Friendly Stitchers Valentine Exchange from Kate
I sent Kate this hardanger heart along with some tea and soap. I only took a photograph of the heart. This free design can be found here.
Hardanger Heart - Lee Albrecht
At Needlecraft Haven, you stitched your partner a heart or friendship themed scissor fob and enclosed 3 small gifts. I received this lovely set of heart themed goodies from Ursh.
Needlecraft Haven Valentine Exchange from Ursh
I sent my gifts to Jacklyn at Needlecraft Haven and again I only photographed the stitched piece. This was a 2011 Thanksgiving freebie from Dragon Dreams. I altered the wording to another phrase I preferred.
2011 Thanksgiving Freebie - Dragon Dreams
I really enjoy taking part in exchanges. I love the challenge of finding what I think will be the 'right' chart to stitch for my exchange partner and of course, there is also the delight of waiting on that parcel to arrive and seeing what you've received. Win - win!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Quick and easy pincushion

Well that was the idea - something quick and easy. I decided that a hand stitched hexagon pincushion would fulfil both criteria, but I didn't take account of the fact that I'm a slow stitcher. However, after a couple of days, here is my new pincushion. Since it is just for me, I stuffed it with orts and scraps of material left from other projects rather than fibrefill. From doing this project, I've learnt that I need to be more precise in making my hexagon templates.

Hand stitched Hexagon Pincushion
Design source: Discovering Patchwork, BBC, 1977