Sunday, 27 April 2014

Just Nan SAL 2014 April update

So near to completion and yet so far! I am on band 21 of 23 of Just Nan's Patience Sampler. There have been plenty of specialty stitches in this project which have been fun to do. I'm still not a fan of the recommended linen but if you don't try something different, how will you learn these things.
If you pop over to Zeb's blog, Keep Calm and Cross Stitch, you can see and find links for other updates in this SAL.

JN's Patience as at 27 April 2014
Stitched on 30ct Legacy linen

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I forgot to say

I was so pleased with the items that I received in my recent exchanges, I forgot to show what I had stitched for my exchange partners.
For my Needlecraft Haven partner, Christine, I stitched this Spring sewing pocket found at Createand decorate
Spring Bunny Sewing Pocket -  Terry Loewen
Stitched on 28ct Natural Cashel linen
and for my Friendly Stitcher's partner, Thoeria, I stitched this needlecase for Stitcher's Day. The pdf for this free design can be found here.
Coeurbroderie2 -
Stitched on 32ct natural Belfast linen
I enjoyed choosing each of these designs. For me, one of the things I like about exchanges (other than the surprise of receiving something beautiful from another stitcher) is that I HAVE to finish my stitching as something. I'm not very good at finishing my stitching for myself. Left to my own devices, a completed piece of stitching is often put in a drawer and just taken out to be admired now and again. In contrast, the stitched gifts I receive are displayed in a basket where I can see them every day.

Is not finishing stitching for yourself a common affliction or am I in the minority?

Needlecraft Haven Easter Exchange

I know I seem to have been busy stitching for exchanges recently. Here is what I received from Alison at Needlecraft Haven. There was a chocolate bunny included, but he didn't last long :)

Easter card and beaded egg ornament - Needlecraft Haven Easter Exchange
Due to postage problems, I'm waiting on my exchange stitching to arrive, so I'll not post a picture yet.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

I'm so lucky to have received ...

... these beautiful exchange gifts.
The first is from the Spring Exchange at Needlecraft Haven. Dusty sent me this lovely bag as well as a notebook, ribbons, tissues and a metal Eiffel Tower charm.
Neeedlecraft Haven Spring Exchange 2014 from Dusty

Close-up of stitched centre. Design: Spring Basket by Lizzie Kate
My second exchange piece was this lovely stitched pocket from Theoria (My Little Corner of Cyberspace). This was part of the Stitcher's Day Exchange at Friendly Stitchers.  
Sewing pocket  front - open

Sewing pocket back - open
I am so pleased to be the recipient of these beautiful pieces of stitching.