Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My LHN chart win from Clare

Last month, Clare (Aimetu's Stitching) held a cake bake for Multiple Sclerosis. Sadly I don't live close enough to order a cake but Clare offered LHN's Baked Goods in an online raffle to those who made a donation. I'm pleased to say that I won and Clare raised £300 for the charity.

Thank you for this chart Clare, I'm looking forward to stitching it.

Monday, 22 June 2015

When the cows come home

Or in this case when Lizzie Kate's 'Midnight Cow' comes home. Now that I have a short term work contract until the end of July, very little stitching will be done. Therefore my Alpine Seasons Garden has been put away until August as I don't like working on it in short bursts (one hour or less).

As a result, this Lizzie Kate design is perfect for travelling with me so that I have something to hand if I feel like stitching in the evenings. Based on recent experience, I am quite tired in the evenings, so it is more likely that I will content myself with reading during the week instead of stitching.

I hope that you are getting more stitching time than I am at the moment.

Midnight Cow - Lizzie Kate
stitched on 28ct Jobelan Dark Red
using recommended Sampler Threads and DMC