Friday, 2 April 2021

Easter Treasure Blog Hop

Jo of Serendipitous Stitching is again hosting the Easter Treasure Blog Hop. This is an opportunity for those taking part to display some Spring and/or Easter stitching and a letter of the alphabet which will form part of a mystery phrase. Please visit Jo's blog to see the list of all those who are taking part and visit their blogs to collect your letters to find out what the mystery phrase is.

Here is Plum Street Samplers' Spring Rolls sitting on the fabric that I intend to use on the back of my pillow. I love Paulette Stewart's daschund designs.

Spring Rolls - Plum Street Samplers
Fabric - 36ct Lakeside Linens Vintage Pecan Butter Linen
Threads: Suggested DMC threads
Backing fabric: Emily Bond Wire Haired Dachshund Fabric 

This project will be finished as a pillow. I had planned on completing it for today but I'm on a roll with my spring cleaning and I know if I stop now my spring cleaning mightn't get finished for the weekend. (Housework is not my favourite task, so I can be easily distracted)

My letter for the mystery phrase is S.

Now visit Leonore of Needle, Pen & Sword to see her Easter stitching and to collect the next letter.

Happy Easter


  1. Bonjour ! I'm too hunting for dust and letters today... but often found myself behind the screen hoping from blog to blog (than be efficient with my cleaner). So funny and lovely dashund pattern (perfect dog for a cross stitched back). Merci beaucoup pour la lettre S et Joyeuses Fêtes de Pâques. Amitiés. xxx

  2. Love the Spring Rolls, it is beautifully done. The doxies are adorable.

  3. I like your dogs and look forward to seeing it when you have made your cushion.

  4. Thanks for taking part in the Easter Treasure Hunt this year!
    What an adorable Spring design. One of the April Fool jokes I saw featured a Police Department using dachshunds and the acronym which started with "Seach And..." and spelled out SAUSAGE!

  5. Spring Rolls is so cute, Happy Easter and thank you for the letter 🐣

  6. Aww the little dachshunds are so cute! I had one growing up, so they hold a special place in my heart! Thank you for the letter and Happy Easter!

  7. I like your Spring Rolls design, cute dogs. Happy Easter.

  8. Just darling, Mary! Happy Easter!

  9. Great stitching. Thanks for the letter

  10. This kind of 'spring roll' is my favourite! Thanks for the letter.

  11. OMGoodness, that is so adorable! That will be such a cute pillow.


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