Wednesday, 14 April 2021

My Ten Things for Serendipitous Stitching's Tenth Blogaversary

Jo celebrated her tenth blogaversary last week and she invited those who wished to join her with their list of ten to do so. Here are my replies to her ten questions.

1.    The tenth project you completed

I think this was the tenth project I completed. If not, it was either ninth or eleventh! This was completed around 1997. I bought a trinket bowl so I could add this to the lid. It is still waiting. It was a neat fit and I was reluctant to squeeze it in.

Ice Moth - Just Nan
Fabric: 32ct Rue Green Belfast linen
Threads: Suggested DMC threads
Embellishment pack as provided with chart

2.    The tenth blog post you made

In this blog post I was celebrating that I was now ready to sew together the 463 pieces that I had cut for a single bed quilt. Unfortunately about half ways through this project my sewing machine had to get repaired and I lost my enthusiasm for completing this. Sadly it is still unfinished.

3.    The tenth blog in your blog roll (or your reader or however you follow blogs)

I use Bloglovin to follow blogs and tenth on my list is Elfin Stitches. Elfie mainly stitches Christmas ornaments and I first visited her when following one of Jo's Blog Hops.

4.    A designer you have stitched more than ten designs

I have only two designers for whom I have more than ten of their designs and I have also stitched more than ten of them as well: Just Nan and Little House Needleworks.

5.    A project that took/is taking more than ten years to complete

This is a small tray cloth that I started too long ago to mention.

Small Classic Walnut Tray - Susan L Meier and Rosalyn K Watnemo
Taken from Tray Designs in Hardanger Embroidery
Fabric: Zweigart 25ct Blue Dublin linen
Threads: DMC 3753, #5 775

6.    A design on the theme of "ten"

The closest fit I can get to this is the tenth design in the Little Sheep Virtues from Little House Needleworks which is Kindness.

7.    The tenth colour on your current project.  Do you use this colour a lot?

I have two WIPs at the moment which use more than ten colours. These are Just Nan's 4 Wishes and Nan's Garden. It just so happens that the tenth colour in each is DMC 647. It's not necessarily a colour I would think of using.

8.    Your tenth WIP for WIPocalypse, WIPGO or whatever list you make

I don't make a list that could fit into this quesion.

9.    Your tenth finish this year (or last year if you haven't finished ten so far this year)

My tenth finish this year is Day 2 of Jardin PrivĂ©'s 12 Days of Christmas

10.    How has your stitching style changed in the last ten years?

Over the past ten years the main change in my stitching style is that I now stitch more small designs. Before that I tended to be a one project at a time person and these tended to be medium to larger sized projects. 


  1. Glad I was not the only one that was not able to answer all ten questions, it is a shame about your quilt project, it looks fun. Perhaps this will inspire you to make some progress with it.

  2. Thanks for joining in with my celebrations. I really enjoyed reading the post. I love the JN Moth of course!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one with very old projects still lurking unfinished too.

  3. Very interesting what you can find out with the number 10, I would have to do that through my blog, it will be fun, thanks for sharing.
    Have a good Time, Martina

  4. So interesting to read your ten facts, Mary! I'm pretty sure I would have difficulty trying to name the 10th project I ever stitched :) Enjoy your day ♥

  5. Great answers to Jo's ten questions. I would struggle to answer most myself

  6. Neat! What a fun way to learn more about you!

  7. How nice to see how other bloggers manage to answer Jo's questionnaire. And it gives interesting posts full of memories. xxx


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