Sunday, 29 November 2020

Wichtelaktion 2020 - Advent Elf card exchange - UPDATED

This year I took part in Wichtelaktion (the Advent Elf card exchange) arranged by Martina (Mein allerei Hobby). Each participant stitched a card to send to their partner with the intention that it would arrange by Advent. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photograph of the card I stitched before posting it but here is a photo of the packaging. Martina has kindly sent me a copy of the card I stitched which I have now added.


Clare gifted this kit to me a number of years ago and I was delighted to stitch it for my partner. There is a lot of detail in this small design (3.5 cm x 4.6 cm) and I fully intend to stitch it again.

I received this pretty card from June (Butterfly Wings)

along with these festive extras. Thank you June.

All the other Advent Elf cards made in this exchange can be viewed on Martina's blog, here.

Thank you Martina for arranging this.


  1. Lovely cards, both sent and received

  2. What a lovely card you sent...and received!

  3. The card from June is lovely, what's great exchange. The kit card was intricate, well done on stitching it.

  4. Hello Mary I am here .
    So happy you liked your card .
    I enjoyed stitching it for you .

  5. Such a lovely card from sweet June! I stitched that one for a friend years ago, too--such a lovely design!


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