Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year and Wrapping up 2018 finishes

First of all, Happy New Year. I hope that 2019 does not fly by as quickly as 2018 did. Last year just passed so quickly. We had a number of visitors throughout the year, especially during the summer and I think that, coupled with our own travels meant that time passed quickly.

I'd like to show you the quilted cushion cover that I finished just in time for Christmas. The design is Daybreak from Jaybird Designs. This was a trial run before I make the cushion with some daschund print fabric that I bought in the summer. I'm so glad I did as the finished cushion with border is approximately 50cm (around 19.5 inches) square! Ideally I want a cushion cover that is around 45cm (18 inches) square so I have reduced the templates to get closer to that on my next cushion cover. I didn't do the maths upfront because I lacked confidence that I would get it right because Daybreak is a hexagon design. I only made the necessary adjustments to make it a square when I got to that point and then I wanted my border. I felt it needed a border to finish it.

Daybreak - Jaybird Designs
My final finish of 2018 was a first for me - a pair of knitted socks! Many thanks to Julie (Julie's Stitchyknitter Journal) for her encouragement and Winwick Mum's easy to follow Sockalong instructions and YouTube videos. I've already got wool line up for my next two pairs of socks. I learnt a lot about using variegated wool while knitting these which I will hopefully use in the future.

Berger de France - Goomy 50, shade Imprim Prun


  1. Happy New Year Mary!
    Your cushion is beautiful and congratulations on your first knitted socks :-)

  2. Lovely cushion Mary and the socks are gorgeous too,

    Happy New Year x

  3. Fabulous socks .... you'll soon have a drawer full lol x

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  5. Happy New Year Mary. I love your cushion, good contrasting fabrics. Quilting maths can be daunting can't it. Your first pair of socks look very cosy.


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