Monday, 22 April 2019

Needlecraft Haven Easter Exchange

In this year's Easter exchange at Needlecraft Haven (organised by Clare), we were asked to stitch an Easter or Spring themed ornament and to include a sweet threat with our signed card. (Many of our Forum exchanges are anonymous).

I received this beautiful stitched ornament with card and sweets from Julie. I'd always been wary of buying gingham fabric for cross stitch but this yellow and white is ideal for this design. Julie has converted me!

Needlecraft Haven Easter exchange from Julie
I stitched Just Nan's Running Rabbits for Astrid and included some handmade chocolates from my local chocolate shop as well as some Easter ribbon.
My gifts for Astrid
Here's a close-up from the Running Rabbits design. I used a bunny charm that I had as I was only loaned the chart.
Running Rabbits - Just Nan
Fabric - The Fabric Kitten 28ct Jazlyn Sunlit Smoke
Some of you might have noticed that I've starting using fabric from The Crafty Kitten. Last year I subscribed to her fabric of the month club for a period and now I'm enjoying finding small designs to suit the wider colour choice of fabric I now have.


  1. Loving the bunny you made for Astrid.
    I enjoyed stitching your little gift, Hope you had a lovely Easter.

  2. Very cute gifts--I especially love the Running Rabbits finish, Mary :)

  3. Julie stitched a beautiful piece for you, I like the gingham too!
    I love what you made me, it's finally hanging on the "Easter" tree and it looks wonderful. And those chocolates, so delicious. Thank you so much for my lovely first exchange with Needlecraft Haven!

  4. Lovely exchange and those JN bunnies are so sweet. I really like Crafty Kitten fabrics and Dawn is a lovely, helpful person too.


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