Sunday, 25 January 2015

An overdue finish

Fairy Moon - Mirabilia
stitched on 28ct Smokey Pearl Cashel (I think)
First up today is an unfinished project that has been waiting since about mid 2011 for me to add the final 30 or so beads. I had almost finished Mirabilia's 'Fairy Moon' when I ran out of beads. By the time I got a new packet, I had moved onto something else and this project went into my 'someday' pile. 
I plan to get this framed as it is too large to do anything else with it. That is definitely for 'someday'.

Alpine Seasons Garden - Chatelaine
stitched on 32ct Summer Khaki Belfast linen
I feel I've made some good progress on Alpine Seasons Garden this week. The octagon border is almost completed - just 2.5 sides of backstitching around the Rhodes stitches and it will be done. Then it will be seasonal alpine trees scenes. I'm looking forward to getting onto this next stage.

I also finished the stitching on my Elsa ornament. Instead of making two separate ornaments, I'm thinking of making this a double-sided ornament with Anna on the opposite side.
Elsa - Crafty Guild
stitched on a 28ct White evenweave


  1. Beautiful stitching Mary. I like the idea of a double sided ornament

  2. Your finish is beautiful Mary.

    Love Alpine Garden and Elsa is so sweet.

  3. Fairy Moon is beautiful and I'm loving watching your Alpine Garden progress

  4. Fairy Moon is spectacular but I love Alpine Garden, that's amazing!

  5. Wow! Fairy Moon is breathtaking, Mary!! I am the same--always procrastinate when it comes to sewing on beads, but they certainly add a lot to a finish!

  6. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Congrats on the finish... and the progress.

  7. Simply stunning! Fairy Moon is amazing!

  8. Wonderful, your finished Mirabilia fairy. And great progress on Alpine Garden. It's always so lovely to see this project grow.

  9. Love that Just Nan heart.. and your fairy is wonderful. And you are stitching a Chatelaine design, I have Convent Herbal Garden as one of my UFOs and I can't get round to working on it.. so perhaps I should keep popping back to see how you're doing to encourage me!


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