Sunday 16 April 2017

Needlecraft Haven Easter Exchange

Happy Easter everyone. Clare (aimetu) at Needlecraft Haven organised an Easter Exchange for us. Our exchange was to include a stitched Easter ornament, a card and a sweet treat. All my favourites - including the sweet treat ☺.

I was truly spoilt by my exchange partner, Deb (no blog). She stitched me Just Nan's Dewdrop Bunny, a design I haven't got and included a Blackbird Designs chart, some pins, fabric, chocolates in a bag and a stitched card featuring a JBW Design rabbit! Didn't I say I was spoilt.

Needlecraft Haven Easter Exchange, 2017
Gifts from my exchange partner, Deb
Christine (The Alchymyst's Study) was my exchange partner and I sent her a modified version of Just Nan's Peter Cottontail, finished as a bell and a chocolate fish for Easter. You are just as likely to find a chocolate fish in our local chocolatier as a chocolate egg. The fish and eggs are filled with petites fritures, a selection of little chocolate fish and shells.

Peter Cottontail - Just Nan and Chocolate fish
My exchange items to Christine
I found the idea for the bell finish here, which included a graphed template of the bell shape. I stitched the phrase 'Easter 2017' on the interior of the bell, but I didn't think to take a photo of it. This is a finish I will do again.

For those of you who like chocolate, I'll finish with a photo of the chocolate egg that my husband bought me this year. It's still in one piece ... for now.


  1. Thank you for the link to the bell tutorial, it was lovely and clear, even in Russian! I really want to make one now. Love your exchange, Christine is one person I can imagine appreciating the humour of a chocolate fish!

  2. Wonderful exchange pieces and I love the idea of Chocolate fish - we have Bilbies here in Oz!

  3. Thank you again for my exchange gift. I love the idea of finishing it as a bell - a harebell presumably.
    A great exchange gift from Deb, and your Easter egg from your DH is magnificent

  4. Beautiful exchange parcel s, lovely stitching. I'm glad you enjoyed taking part. Your DH is a wonderful man to give you such a gift, is it still intacted?

  5. What a delight the bell finish is, pretty design you chose for it too. A lovely exchange that you received.
    Nice egg from your hubby.

  6. A great exchange! Your bell ornament is so pretty, I would love to try it one day. And yes Deb spoiled you with those lovely bunnies!
    What a gorgeous egg from your husband, have you saved the ribbon for crafting?!


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