Monday, 27 November 2017

I've started to crochet a blanket

Late last year, I bought wool to crochet the Vibrant Vintage Blanket from Cypress Textiles. This was a free SAL that she ran during 2016. Well, this weekend I finally got my crochet out and made a start. These four squares are not perfect and I admit there was a lot of 'reworking' at times but I finally got there.

I've realised that if I make an effort I could have this blanket completed in time for Christmas. I like the thought of it, so watch this space. :)


  1. A great start of your new crochet project. I went to the site that you gave the link of and saw the finished piece. It's awesome. Great choice, Mary.

  2. What a lovely blanket you'll have in those fabulous colors, Mary!

  3. I followed the link too, beautiful blanket, I hope you do get it done it will look fabulous in those colours

  4. Super squares to far, looking forward to seeing more of this blanket.


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