Monday, 7 March 2016

A Stitcher's Day Exchange

The 25th March has been designated Stitcher's Day on the Friendly Stitchers forum. Since this is the group's only exchange this year I signed up for it and have sent and received my exchange ornaments.

From my stitching partner DJ (her blog is tickledpinkinstitches), I received this beautiful flat fold ornament. The stitching is beautiful and so detailed. DJ stitched this on 54ct linen! My highest count so far is 40ct and I think that will be it.
My husband teased me that he was surprised that I didn't have an apron like this in real life.
Stitcher's Apron - Sue Hillis Designs
Fabric: 54ct linen, cream coloured
Received from DJ

For my stitching partner, Christine, I made a needle case (which she has received). On the inside of the needle case, there is a pocket to hold a packet of needles and/or a small pair of scissors as well as a felt section for pinning your needles. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the interior of the case but here is what the exterior looked like.

Let's stitch - Patty C, Hanging By A Thread
stitched on 28ct Cashel Lanbswool
DMC threads; 317, 613, 680, 931, 3011, 3750

Needle case closed - front

Needle case closed - back
This free design from Patty C was enjoyable to stitch and a copy of the pattern can be found here; just scroll down the page.


  1. These are so pretty and thoughtful. Wow! 54ct is very impressive. And that is an adorable pattern.

  2. What lovely exchange gifts, very pretty :-)

  3. Oh Mary, what a wonderful exchange you were in. Both stitched pieces are so beautiful with great motifs and great finishing ideas.

  4. Beautiful stitching Mary !
    I'm trying to uncross my eyes thinking of 54count linen!!

  5. Wow that was high count DJ stitched on, such a lovely gift she sent to you.
    You needlebook is lovely Mary, a nice addition to a stitchers sewing box

  6. Oh, such a tiny linen!! I can't imagine 54 ct.--she did a beautiful job. And the needlebook is so pretty, Mary--love those colors :)


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