Sunday, 24 January 2016

A patchwork basket

Thursday night was patchwork night and there was a good turnout at our group because Patricia, our tutor, was showing us how to make a basket block. It took me three attempts to get the basket handle lying flat and in roughly the right position! I had to keep reminding myself that Patricia said this was the easiest basket block to make!

Basket block (untrimmed)

I've decided that I will make three more of these and make a small to medium sized cushion.

Next Thursday, we will be making other variations on the basket block, one of which is called the Durham basket


  1. Great work, that handle looks a tricky cut go get flat.

  2. That is lovely. I struggle with any patchwork more complicated than squares, I can't seem to make things match up.
    Looking forward to seeing what a Durham basket is like as I was born there

  3. Glad you kept trying, Mary, as it ended up looking great :) I look forward to seeing your pillow...

  4. It's fabulous Mary, looking forward to next weeks.

  5. That's a great block, Mary, and a cushion with four of these must look gorgeous.

  6. What a great looking block, Mary! I'm looking forward to seeing your next block!


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