Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness - April

Let me start by saying sorry to those of you who have commented on my blog and perhaps left a question. I have just discovered that not all my comments come through to my primary email, some go to my gmail account only. That is why you have not heard from me. Why this happens I have no idea and it only seems to have started since I changed phones some weeks ago. I must have made some change to my phone settings without realising it.

Now on to Gifted Gorgeousness which is hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching. Full details of how Gifted Gorgeousness works can be found here.  This month's stitching is a gift from Jo. I guessed the phrase in last year's Easter blog hop and she sent me this Just Nan design as well as the charm pin.  Given my love of Just Nan, this was an ideal gift for me. Isn't the rabbit charm pin just delightful?

Tiny Bunny Biscornu - Just Nan
Fabric: 32ct Belfast pale lilac linen
Threads: Recommended DMC threads
Chart embellishment pack

In answer to your question, Jo, here is my finished Just Nan's Diamond Bouquet. This was completed around 1998 and was my second Just Nan sampler (Bee Blossoms was my first).

Diamond Bouquet - Just Nan
completed as a class project at local needlework shop


  1. What a lovely gift Mary! Beautifully stitched. It was nice to see one of your older finishes too.

  2. Both of those Just Nan finishes are beautiful! That bunny pin is so cute. I love both sides of the biscornu...I would have to turn it over every few weeks!

  3. Such a pretty biscornu from Jo! Love that sweet bunny :)

  4. A fabulous gift Mary, and beautifully stitched

  5. Your bunny biscornu looks gorgeous, Mary. And the band sampler y<ou stitched so many years ago is still an eye catcher. I love Just Nan's band samplers.

  6. Thanks for taking part in GG this month, double points for stitching a design I sent you too! I am so pleased to see it all made up with the lovely pin.
    Thanks for sharing the Diamond Bouquet photo too. It looks lovely with all the beads and ribbon added. I'm looking forward to getting mine done this year.

  7. It's a bunny ...... it's adorable, super biscornu.


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