Thursday, 15 February 2018

A friendship exchange

Yesterday was opening day for Needlecraft Haven's Friendship exchange. The exchange was organised by Clare (Aimetu's Stitching).

I received my parcel from Julie of Julie's Stitchyknitter Journal. Her parcel had a purple theme as the flower for February is violet. This was ideal for me as purple is my favourite colour. In addition to some purple variegated threads and a friendship saying on slate, I am now the proud owner of Miss Violet, one of Julie's knitted rabbits.

Friendship exchange gifts from Julie
My partner was Christine. I stitched a friendship card, made a patchwork mug rug and included some threads. The chart for the card is a free design from Le Chalet des Pérelles and can be found here.

Un peu d'amour et d'amitié - Le Chalet des Pérelles
Fabric - 32ct Belfast white lined
Threads: Recommended DMC

Mug rug with using the friendship quilt block
Everyone made and received a lovely variety of gifts in this exchange.


  1. Lovely exchange from Julie and what a lovely card you sent to Christine- thank you for taking part in a great exchange

  2. Such pretty gifts you made for Christine, Mary! And I love your pretty in purple bunny from dear Julie. I have one from her named Miss Bluebelle :)

  3. It was a great exchange, we all received such lovely things. I'm so pleased you like Miss Violet. xx

  4. Oh Miss Violet is darling! :) The card you made and the mug rug are great!

  5. Those are some beautiful gifts all around. It sounds like the exchange was successful. Happy stitching! Andrea

  6. Lovely exchanges. The group are all so thoughtful with their gifts.

  7. Lovely gift from Julie, and I absolutely love my card and mug rug

  8. Gorgeous gifts sent and received! The mug rug is very pretty. Miss Hyacinth is waving to Miss Violet!


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