Sunday, 1 May 2016

Happy May Day

In our local town, there is a flower show held every May day. Since I am not always here when it is held, I made sure to be there today. The sun was shining and though there was a cold breeze blowing, there was a good turnout of people. For a change, in addition to an update on my hexagon quilt, I thought I would share some of the photos I took at the flower market. I hasten to add that I am not the gardener in our household. I enjoy looking at flowers but everything else to do with them I leave to my husband.

First up is one of the stalls selling lily of the valley (muguet). These are traditionally sold on the 1st of May here as symbols of springtime and good luck.

Lily of the valley
A selection of the plants available to buy as well as some metal garden ornaments.

A selection of hens, birds, wind chimes and other garden ornaments

Finally, the latest progress on my miniature hexagon quilt. I'm almost halfway through stitching the rows together (the bottom left section). I hope to finish this part of the project and add the batting and backing by next weekend. After that I will be putting it aside for a while as I have two wedding samplers (both in the same design) and a house warming gift to stitch before the end of the July. I have stitched both the designs for these before so I know it is achievable within my timeframe.

Design: Josette found in Magic Patch hors serie, no. 91,
'15 quilts miniatures'
Fabric: Moda charm pack 'Icicle Kisses'


  1. Oh that flower market looks lovely Mary. I love lily of the valley but I can't seem to get it to establish in my garden

  2. What a delight to be able to wander round such a beautiful flower market. I too love lily of the valley bit like Christine it doesn't grow well in our garden either.

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos of the flower show, Mary--I always enjoy seeing pictures of areas where blogging friends live. Reminds me to go check on my lily of the valley, too. It grows on a side of the house that I don't see every day :)

    Lovely progress on your quilt!

  4. Great pictures from your flower market. My husband loves visiting them when they are up in our region. And he always comes home with new flower pots for the garden.
    I love that tradition with the bouquets of lilies of the valley.
    Nice progress on your miniature quilt.


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