Tuesday, 23 December 2014

It's the most wonderful time ... Day 3

Last but not least there was the Christmas ornament exchange at The Stitch Specialists. When I arrived home this weekend, this lovely package of items were waiting for me from Ruth. In addition to my ornament, Ruth had included two silk threads and a snowman scissor fob. Ruth also signed the back of her ornament.

From Ruth at The Stitch Specialists
front of ornament
Christmas ornament exchange
From Ruth at The Stitch Specialists
signed back of ornament
Christmas ornament exchange

I stitched a hardanger humbug ornament for Abi. 

Hardanger Christmas ornament - Yvette Stanton
For Abi at The Stitch Specialists


  1. Hey Mary-- I hope the little floral wreath will go with our Christmas decor. I've had her in my pile to stitch for a long time, but I could never commit to colors or put together colors and a reason. Somehow it all came together for me when I was scouting a piece to do for you -- I think it was the copper powwow beads that brought it all together in my head. They really are from an Indian powwow -- I guess when you make dresses nearly covered with beads, you tend to have a lot of cool color options.

    Merry Christmas and happy stitching!

    1. The colours are perfect, Ruth. I'm impressed that the beads really are from an Indian powwow.

  2. What great gifts from Ruth :)
    And I love that hardanger ornie!

  3. Lovely gifts and the hardanger ornament is gorgeous

  4. A stunning hardanger you made Mary, that's gorgeous.


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