Friday, 28 March 2014

Just Nan 2014 March SAL update

Where has the month gone? As I mentioned in my last post, I had only managed to stitch one and a half rows on JN's 'Patience' sampler. Since then, ... I've still only managed to stitch one and a half rows in March. Oh well, something is better than nothing. It's another step nearer to completing this project and the main thing is, I'm happy with how it is turning out. I have plans to frame this piece.

March update - Just Nan ''Patience' sampler


  1. All progress is good, and your sampler is lovely! I'm seeing so many lovely designs in this SAL that I haven't seen before. All that fine stitching must require lots of patience indeed :)

  2. Oh I have had this in my stash for SOOOO LONG.....ok...way too long. Yours is sooooo beautiful hon that it makes me want to pull mine out to start. Great job and beautiful stitching!

  3. Beautiful! Like Brenda this has been in my stash way too long (since it was first released). I do have it on my list as a possible for this year's SAL but not sure I want to tackle another large project.

  4. It's such a pretty design Mary and looking beautiful.

  5. It's a really beautiful piece of work Mary...the name for it is very apt! Patience is what you need to get this one :)


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