Thursday, 30 May 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness - May 2019

Where has the past month gone? It seems no time since my last Gifted Gorgeousness post. Gifted Gorgeousness is hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching where we display the crafted gifts we have made, used or received. Full details about how it works and how you can join in can be found here.

The hand quilting on Holly's baby quilt is about half done. It will be now be put away for a couple of weeks as I won't be around to work on it.

Holly's baby quilt
Fabric: 'TAO' Modele Depose, 'Black Tie' Oasis Fabrics
design 60-137, teal fabric with orange/white stripe

My main focus recently has been stitching this Good Luck card for my sister and our mum's dog, Sonny. They took part in the dog World Agility Open Championships at Ermelo (Netherlands) earlier this month in the N. Ireland team. She and Sonny didn't win any prizes but they managed to reach one final which I thought was good given that this was their first time in an international competition.

Poodle on dog walk frame - design worked from a scanned photograph
Fabric: 32ct Jobelan Sunlit Pool, The Crafty Kitten
Threads: DMC- 318, 3799, 3787, 931, 927, 612, 677,
738, 728, 402, 950, 841

Monday, 29 April 2019

Return to Alpine Seasons Garden

It's hard to believe but the last time I posted about my progress on Chatelaine's Alpine Seasons Garden was back in October 2016! I had put some stitches in after that but it has been neglected since then as I've done more knitting/crochet or patchwork/quilting.

Since Good Friday I have been stitching on my Alpine Seasons Garden and here is my progress. It's nice to be working on it again. Maybe this time I'll get this tree border completed before I take a break from it again.
Alpine Seasons Garden - Chatelaine as at
19 April 2019

Alpine Seasons Garden - Chatelaine
as at 28 April 2019
Fabric: 32ct Belfast Sand linen
Threads: Recommended silk threads

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness - April 2019

It's time for my monthly Gifted Gorgeousness(GG) report. If you are not familiar with GG, it is an opportunity to share our gifted craft items that we make and receive. It is hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching and full details of how it works can be found here.

Since I haven't posted regularly over the past month, I feel that I have quite a few things to share with you. So here I go!

First up is my Friendly Stitcher's Stitcher's Day exchange. My partner for this exchange was Martina.
She sent me this beautiful biscornu, threads and a tape measure.
Stitcher's Day exchange received from Martina, Friendly Stitchers
I stitched a needlecase for DJ but forgot to take a photograph. However you can see it here in DJ's April Gifted Gorgeousness blog post. It's at the end.

I finished Just Nan's Snowflowers. It is a gift for one of my mother's friends. I couldn't find a suitable custom-made frame so I laced it to this canvas frame and covered the back with the fabric the easel is standing on. My mother is very happy with it, so I hope her friend will be too.
Snowflowers - Just Nan
Fabric: 32ct Zweigart Exotic Orchid Belfast linen
Threads and embellishments: Recommended DMC threads 
and Just Nan embellishment pack
I finished the Llama baby quilt that I was working on and it is now with its new owner.
Simon's baby quilt
Fabric: Llama 801, Atacama 801 and Inca 801 by Indigo Fabrics
supplemented with navy and white fabrics
I've started my next baby quilt which is for Holly. Each of the blocks have been stitched and I now need to stitch the rows together. These colours are quite vibrant so I think I will choose something for the binding which will tone it down.
Holly's baby quilt
Fabric: 'TAO' Modele Depose, 'Black Tie' Oasis Fabrics
design 60-137, teal fabric with orange/white stripe
Before starting the quilt, I did some tester blocks which I also used as an opportunity to try applique with fusible webbing. I made these blocks into a cushion cover top and when it is completed I'll gift it to my sister.
Selection of fabrics in stash
Finally, a quick reminder of the gifts I sent and received in Needlecraft Haven's Easter Exchange.
Needlecraft Haven Easter exchange from Julie
My gifts for Astrid

That's everything for this month. Until next time, enjoy your crafting.

Monday, 22 April 2019

Needlecraft Haven Easter Exchange

In this year's Easter exchange at Needlecraft Haven (organised by Clare), we were asked to stitch an Easter or Spring themed ornament and to include a sweet threat with our signed card. (Many of our Forum exchanges are anonymous).

I received this beautiful stitched ornament with card and sweets from Julie. I'd always been wary of buying gingham fabric for cross stitch but this yellow and white is ideal for this design. Julie has converted me!

Needlecraft Haven Easter exchange from Julie
I stitched Just Nan's Running Rabbits for Astrid and included some handmade chocolates from my local chocolate shop as well as some Easter ribbon.
My gifts for Astrid
Here's a close-up from the Running Rabbits design. I used a bunny charm that I had as I was only loaned the chart.
Running Rabbits - Just Nan
Fabric - The Fabric Kitten 28ct Jazlyn Sunlit Smoke
Some of you might have noticed that I've starting using fabric from The Crafty Kitten. Last year I subscribed to her fabric of the month club for a period and now I'm enjoying finding small designs to suit the wider colour choice of fabric I now have.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop 2019

Jo of Serendipitous Stitching has once again kindly organised a blog hop for us. Each of the bloggers taking part will present some of their Easter and/or Spring stitching and a letter of the alphabet.  Collect all the letters to spell out a mystery phrase.  When you know what the phrase is, return to Jo's blog and leave your answer in the comments. More details of how the blog hop works and a list of all the bloggers taking part can be found here.

First up is my Spring stitching which has an Easter feel to it. It is Just Nan's Spring! and like the chart model I have finished it as a bell pull. As this chart was pre-owned, I did not have the charm pack so I used a rabbit/hare charm that I already had and substituted with an eyelet stitch or left out the flat white pearl buttons used in the original.

Spring! - Just Nan, Small Delights series
Fabric: The Crafty Kitten, 28ct Lugana Dawnburst
Threads: Suggested DMC and Kreinik
Embellishments: Rabbit/Hare charm, beads - 40479 and 40557 

My letter is:


and the final blog on this treasure hunt to complete your mystery phrase is Alaska Wolf Pack.

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness - March

It's time for my monthly report of Gifted Gorgeousness (GG), organised by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching. For full details of how GG works, read this.

First up is the baby quilt that I have been working on. I've almost finished the hand quilting which is a simple cross hatch. For some reason the final section seems to be taking forever. I really have to concentrate on it this week as I want to post it on Saturday. Yes, it means that I won't be doing the housework as thoroughly as I should but it's only temporary.
Simon's baby quilt
Fabric: Llama 801, Atacama 801 and Inca 801 by Indigo Fabrics
supplemented with navy and white fabrics

I have finished stitching Just Nan's Snowflowers. The colours are so delicate I find it hard to take a photograph that does this piece justice. I've ordered a frame online and as soon as I get that it will be laced up and inserted. I haven't enjoyed stitching this as much as I thought I would, as I found it difficult to get the #8 perle cross stitches to lie as well as I would like. On the plus side, the recipient will receive it in plenty of time for her birthday.
Snowflowers - Just Nan
Fabric: 32ct Zweigart Exotic Orchid Belfast linen
Threads and embellishments: Recommended DMC threads 
and Just Nan embellishment pack

So what will be next? I have some Easter stitching which I am completing for an exchange and I will be starting another baby quilt. The baby is due this week, so once I know whether it is a boy or a girl, I will be able to make my fabric decision.

Sunday, 3 March 2019

The 1920's Farmer's Wife Quilt, Block 2 - Autumn Tints

I think my block is looking 'busy' and now it's finished I'm not so sure I like it. I'm leaving it as it is for the time being and I'll take a decision on whether to change it when I have completed more blocks.

1920's Farmer's Wife Quilt - Block 2 Autumn Tints