Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness - June

Another month has gone and it's time for Gifted Gorgeousness hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching. Each month we show our gift related craft work. For details of how Gifted Gorgeousness works, please read here. A different Gifted Gorgeousness for me this month. I can't show my cross stitching as it is for an exchange.

As an aunt, I get regular requests for Barbie clothes. So since I was visiting my niece who loves Barbie, I thought I better make some clothes. Though there are many free online links for Barbie clothing, my favourite 'go to' resource is 'Barbie VĂȘtements Ă  coudre pour Barbie' by Annabel Benilan. Yes, it is in French but sewing knowledge makes up for my lack of familiarity with French sewing terms. I made two outfits and the pieces are interchangeable. Making such small clothes is not my favourite past-time but at least they were well received. Here they are.

Barbie in shorts and
sleeveless top
Barbie in culottes and
short sleeved top


  1. Mary! You are one cool Aunt!!!

  2. Oh they are perfect Mary, lucky niece to have such a talented aunt

  3. Barbie does like very trendy (and cool
    For the hot weather) ... well done Mary

  4. I'm sure your niece has the best dressed Barbie around! So nice of you, Mary. My mom used to make Barbie clothes for my dolls and I remember how fussy and time consuming they could be :)

  5. Much better then me.....barbie is tiny so they would be very fiddly......

  6. They are just perfect Mary, I bet they were very fiddly so i'm very impressed :-) I'm sure they were well received.

  7. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I love these little outfits. We had the British version - Sindy - and my Mum made all her clothes. I should dig them and do a post myself!

    1. My best friend had Sindy. I would have loved one but it was not to be.

  8. I wish my Barbies had looked that good! Those outfits would be adorable for big people too!

  9. Oh my, Mary, this is so cool. This reminds me of the times when my daughter was playing with Barbies and I used to knit clothes for them. Back then there weren't many magazines with patterns for Barbies, but I could get hold of one with knitting patterns.


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