Monday, 2 April 2018

Easter Exchange

It's Easter and time for the Needlecraft Haven Easter exchange. The exchange gifts included a stitched item, a sweet treat and a card. I received an exchange parcel from Clare and she sent me this exquisitely finished egg ornament, these sweet treats and a card. (I see the card is missing as it is sitting on the mantle). Thank you so much, Clare.

My Needlecraft Haven Easter exchange gifts from Clare.

I sent an exchange parcel to Dusty. For this I sitched the upper half of Tralala's 'Duo Printemps' for the card. Along with the chocolate I included a chicken shaped key/scissor fob. As for my ornament ... well ... I really wanted to try something different in a finish. After much searching I finally found what I wanted on Pinterest. A 'cuckoo clock like' finish from La Bottega Della Nonna appealed to me and inspired by motifs from Gazette94, I made an Easter themed hanging ornament. I was pretty pleased with the finish and I've included an photo of it hanging to show it off better.

Easter exchange gifts for Dusty

A hanging Easter ornament inspired by
La Bottega Della Nonna and Gazette94
I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter weekend and that you are not tired of the sight of chocolate eggs.


  1. wOw! Love your Easter cuckoo clock! I also think Clare's egg is beautiful.

  2. A super finish there Mary, I bet Dusty was delighted. Clares egg looks very intricate too ,well done both.

  3. What a fun exchange! I love the clock finish you did, that is so creative. I will never get tired of the sight of chocolate, no matter what form it is! =)

  4. What lovely exchange gifts Mary.

  5. Great and very different finish you made for Dusty, its lovely. Pretty parcel from Clare.

  6. Lovely gift you received from Clare.
    I love your unusual finish for the gift for Dusty!
    Thanks for the link to Gazette94 ..... I hadn’t seen this blog before and had a nice visit there!
    Barbara xx

  7. Such beautiful gifts on both sides of your exchange :)

  8. Great stitched gifts sent and received.

  9. Both exchange pieces are beautifully stitched and finished.

  10. Excellent exchange! (Eggsellent?)
    Love that cuckoo clock idea.


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