Friday, 24 March 2017

Stitcher's Day Exchange

I said that I would share with you the beautiful gifts I received from Meg (no blog, I think), my partner for the Stitcher's Day exchange over at the Friendly Stitchers Forum. Here they are!

Stitcher's Day Exchange- Friendly Stitchers
Gifts received from Meg
Meg's stitching and finishing are beautiful. The biscornu and scissor fob are so delicate looking. The scissors that came with the fob are really sharp (or maybe mine had got a little blunt and I hadn't noticed). Meg also had the great idea of including some DMC threads that we use regularly such as 310 and B5200. I admit that black (DMC 310) is one thread that I always seem to run out of and yet I would say that it isn't a thread that I use as often as some others.

Here is the front of the small stitching bag/ envelope that I sent Meg. I wrote about this in last post which you can find here. I also included some French stitching items of Bohin needles and dyed thread from Fils à Soso and Atalie.

Friends - Cosmic handmade
Fabric - 28ct evenweave white
Threads: Recommended DMC threads

I enjoy taking part in exchanges as I love stitching with a recipient in mind. At the same time, there is something pleasurable about searching for the 'right' chart and thinking about the finish that I enjoy. 


  1. Well this was lovely and thoughtful! Very nice!

  2. What a pretty biscornu and a lovely idea to include the scissors and threads.

  3. What a great exchange! We can never have enough threads, and the biscornu and scissor fob are perfect! I'm sure Meg was pleased with the gorgeous bag she received from you too.

  4. Both are such lovely gifts!

  5. That's a sweet little biscornu that you received from Meg, together with the threads and scissors. A great exchange on both sides.

  6. A lovely exchange, nice and thoughtful gifts from Meg.


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