Wednesday, 9 November 2016

One ball of wool = one finished scarf

Once I got into the pattern on this scarf, I didn't want to put my knitting down. So here is the completed scarf. It looks shorter than the model but I had the recommended tension. My sister will be happy with this length as she didn't want it too long. I just need to buy more wool so that I can knit one for myself.

Albertine - Louisa Harding
knitted with Louisa Harding Pittura wool


  1. Beautiful! What a gorgeous gift!

  2. This looks so great and I can't believe that you needed only one ball of wool for this scarf. A wonderful gift for your sister.

  3. That is so pretty Mary, your sister will love it

  4. Hi Mary,

    I love that pretty scarf, the colours and pattern are lovely.

  5. That's lovely Mary, love the colour too. :-)

  6. A wonderful gift for your sister, lucky sister!

  7. Lovely pattern and yarn. I think it's a nice length, doesn't get in the way so much.


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