Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Easter Exchange

I took part in the Needlecraft Haven Easter Exchange again this year. Like last year, participants had to stitch an Easter card and stitch an egg shaped ornament. I found this lovely free design from Passione Ricamo for the egg ornament and stitched this design from Primitive Acorns after seeing it on Carin's blog, which I sent to Dusty.

Easter Lamb - Primitive Acorns stitched 1 over 1 on 28ct Natural linen
Easter 2012 - Passione Ricamo stitched on 28ct Natural linen

I received my card and ornament exchange from Lindsay. She also included a packet of Bassett's Jelly Bunnies, which I admit didn't last beyond Easter Sunday. That's what happens when you have a sweet tooth like me. I didn't eat them all myself, they were shared with my husband!


  1. I love both the egg-shaped ornament you sent and the one you received, Mary! And isn't that cute little lamb piece you made adorable :) Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend...

  2. So very cute in both directions :) congrats. I bet they perked up Easter no end.

  3. I think that was very generous of you, Mary, I might not have shared 😁. Lovely stitching by both of you.

  4. It was a great exchange, you all did so well.

  5. So lovely, all these exchnage pieces. I love both egg-shaped stitched pieces, and both cards are adorable. Thanks for the links to the freebies.


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